Online Roulette Betting Systems

These are the Martingale System and the Fibonacci String System. Next we will present other betting systems.

The system based on the Biarritz scheme – this system was invented by Alexander Makarov and is very simple to implement. This online roulette betting system aims to bet on the same number with a constant stake until the desired win is obtained. If the player loses 35 bets in a row, then he has the obligation to double the stake. This system also has a disadvantage – it takes a lot of patience to finally win the bet.

D Alembert’s system – the system considers odds bets 2, but there is not the same risk as in Martingale’s system. D Alembert started from the idea that sooner or later there will still be a chance for the player to win 4-5 bets. For example, the amount of 1 leu will be bet on black, and the bet is lost. We continue by increasing the stake, so we will increase to 2 lei. The stakes will increase continuously with each losing bet. When the bet is won by the player, the stake will be reduced.

The betting system on the contrary the last result – this online roulette betting system is very easy for any player to master. Specifically, if there will be identical results for a longer period of time, the next results may be completely different from the others. What the player has to do is watch the results of the online roulette game and when he notices that the red color is constantly coming out, it is good to bet on the black color, there is a high chance of winning. However, the betting system based on the opposite of the last result is not very safe, everything being a game of chance, left to chance.

The system based on chaos theory – is a system of online roulette game quite difficult to understand, being invented by some British researchers. They published the study in “The Chaos Journal” and aims to accurately identify where players will appear where the winning ball will appear. These are calculations and mathematical probabilities that must be performed on the spot. According to researchers, those who will adopt the theory of chaos will have a chance of about 59% to get closer to winning.

Every online roulette betting system is quite different from each other. However, it is good for a player, especially a beginner, not to start the game without mastering these rules and strategies , thus protecting him from possible losses.

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